How to Get Your Used Car Ready for a Summer Roadtrip

How to get your car summer road-trip readyNothing says summer like a road trip. As the weather warms, Americans start making plans for their next cross-country excursions. It’s a great way to see the sights and create lasting memories with loved ones. Hitting the highway, however, can be a grand adventure or an epic headache. Get your used car ready for a summer road trip, and ensure safe, comfortable travels when you follow these tips.

Check the Tires

To say that everything’s riding on your tires is a fact. Correctly inflated tires matter, especially in the summer. An underinflated tire will run hotter and reduce your overall fuel efficiency. Combine that with sunbaked roads and a heavily loaded car, and you could be at risk of a dangerous blowout as you’re cruising down the highway. Continue reading

Check Out These Two Unforgettable Mesa Area Museums

Unforgetable Mesa Museums | Rocky's Auto CreditMesa, Arizona, and the surrounding area are home to some very unforgettable museums. Whether you imagine soaring through the skies or digging deep below the Earth’s surface, fun and educational opportunities abound.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

The goal of the Arizona Museum of Natural History is to inspire wonder, understanding, and respect for the Southwest’s cultural and natural history. The museum features 60,000 objects on display and 10,000 historic photographs. Permanent exhibits include Dinosaur Hall, Ancient Cultures of Mexico, Native Peoples of the Past, the Paleo Dig, and more. Rotating exhibits are also featured throughout the year. Children will get a kick of the Exploration Station, where they can take part in interactive exhibits. Continue reading

2019’s Top Water Parks near Phoenix

Top Water Parks in Phoenix, AZ | Rocky's Auto CreditWhen the summer rolls around, head to one of these top water parks in and around Mesa, Arizona, to spend the day cooling off and feeling the rush of adrenaline.

Golfland SunSplash

Head to Golfland SunSplash for fun in the sun and water. Combining thrilling rides, waterslides, and miniature golf, the destination is a hot spot for families. Continue reading

Top Tips for Moving to Mesa

Reasons to move to Mesa | Rocky's Auto CreditIf you’re looking to get out of your current environment and start a new life journey, moving is always the perfect solution. For some, that means moving out to Mesa, Arizona, where warmer weather and bright, sunny days are a guarantee. Of course, packing up and moving to a new location always has its own set of challenges, and it’s important to be aware of the conditions you’ll be in by planting your roots somewhere you’ve never been. So if you’re considering moving to Mesa, here are some tips to keep in mind as you pack your bags and boxes.

  1. A Warm, Dry Climate

It’s a well-known fact Arizona is basically the desert, so if you aren’t used to consistent heat and mild temperatures, you may be surprised by how warm it actually gets in Mesa. During a typical summer, temperatures can easily reach 106 degrees. It’s even on record that Mesa hit 119 degrees. That’s hot! What’s more, winters can range in temperatures from 40 to 60 at any given time. Sure, Mesa has had its cold periods, but it’s not every year you get a 15-degree day. The region also doesn’t get any snow, so you’ll have to kiss white Christmases goodbye. Continue reading

Best Spots to Relax and Unwind Near Mesa, AZ

Butcher Jones Cove beach with mountainsLife can get busy and sometimes we need to take some time to relax and unwind. Here are some things that you can do near Mesa, Arizona.

Apache Trail Drive

If your idea of a relaxing time is taking a drive through beautiful scenery, you may want to consider doing a road trip on the Apache Trail. The trail, located on Arizona Route 88, covers less than 50 miles. The trip takes you through canyons and gives you views of deserts and lakes, geologic formations,  plants and trees, and seasonal wildflowers.

There are lots of places that you can stop and relax on this trail, including Canyon Lake, which is located on a paved road and is easy for all drivers to access, and Fish Creek Hill, which is recommended only if you are comfortable with dirt roads. If you are a nervous driver, this would not be considered a relaxing journey, but if you love getting outside and are comfortable driving on more challenging roads, you will find some beautiful places to stop and unwind.  Continue reading